Graveside Memorial Card Weatherproof In Loving Memory Special Grandad


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In Loving Memory Open Graveside Memorial Card – Special Grandad

  • Weatherproof Card
  • Display at the graveside
  • Size: 16.5cm x 12cm
  • Space on the back to write a message

The Card Reads:

  • In Loving Memory of A Special Grandad
  • Grandad, I’m leaving this little card and these heartfelt words to show,
  • how much I love and miss you… more than you could know.
  • Even though I’ve lost you you’re not that far away,
  • my heart is full of memories, you’re in my thoughts each day.
  • You were so kind and caring and a truly loyal friend,
  • you were always there for me right until the very end.
  • Life without you is not the same and sometimes I feel sad,
  • but I know that I’ve been truly blessed that you were my Grandad

Available in our range are:- Mum, Dad, Mum and Dad, Brother, Sister, Nan, Son, Daughter, Grandad, Husband, Wife and In Loving Memory and many more


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