Christmas Elf Behavin’ Badly Elf Accessories – Santa’s Workshop Key



Christmas Elf Behavin’ Badly Fun Novelty Accessories

  • This Santa’s Workshop Key is a charming and magical addition to any Christmas collection.
  • The gold key, complete with a key ring for easy attachment, features an adorable elf head at the top, adding a whimsical touch to the design.
  • The key is engraved with the words “Key to Santa’s workshop,” further enhancing its enchanting appeal.
  • Measuring approximately 9.5cm, this key is the perfect size for children to hold and cherish.
  • The enchanting design of the key will capture the imagination of children, who will believe that the elf can report back to Santa with their magic key, adding an extra element of wonder to the holiday season.
  • Whether used as a decorative ornament or as part of a festive tradition, this Santa’s Workshop Key is sure to bring joy and excitement to the Christmas celebrations.


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