Christmas Elf Behavin’ Badly Elf Accessories – Elf Mini Chalkboard and Chalk



Christmas Elf Behavin’ Badly Fun Novelty Accessories

  • Enhance the magic of Christmas with our Elf Mini Chalkboard and Chalk set, designed specifically for creating enchanting messages from your elf to your child.
  • This delightful item is perfect for adding an extra touch of wonder to the holiday season, as your child eagerly awaits each new message from their mischievous elf.
  • The set includes a charming chalkboard, measuring 12cm x 8.5cm, which is the ideal size for displaying elf messages in a whimsical and festive way.
  • The chalkboard is mounted on an easel-style stand, allowing it to be easily placed on a shelf, table, or any other surface, making it a versatile addition to your Christmas d├ęcor.
  • With the included chalk, you can easily write personalized messages from your elf, creating a magical experience for your child as they discover each new note.
  • Watch as their eyes light up with excitement and wonder at the special messages left just for them, adding an extra element of joy and anticipation to the holiday season.


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